She is Fierce.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”-William Shakespeare


This is our cousin, Stefanie.

She is beautiful, funny, and smart – she’s the real deal!


On June 30, 2018, she and her mother, sister, step father, and family friends were on a tour boat in the Bahamas when the boat suddenly exploded. After a harrowing rescue which included friends and strangers coming to their aid, they were all taken to a nearby (which was actually really far away) hospital there which tried to stabilize them. They were then transferred to another bigger hospital in the Bahamas where they stayed for a few days.

Stefanie’s mother sustained many serious injuries. Her step father and sister were injured and shocked as well.

Stefanie sustained serious, life threatening injuries. In order to save her life, part of both of her lower legs had to be amputated.

A few days later, the whole family was Medevaced over to Florida to be treated and taken care of in the United States instead of the Bahamas.

It has been weeks since the boat explosion happened. Stefanie’s mother, step father, and sister are all doing better physically today. But Stefanie is still in a Florida hospital today, going through the ups and downs that come with healing and recovery.


She hopes to get back up north soon closer to where she lives in the Northeast. ***

Forth As Gold is based in Florida, so our family has been able to go down on the weekends and spend time with Stefanie and family these past few weeks.

We’ve seen the good and the bad. We’ve seen the strength of the family and the love of her friends. We’ve watched Stef fight for her life. We’ve felt the love of strangers, including her caring nurses/doctors who love her like family now.

We’ve seen God through all of it.

Sometimes He’s quiet, and other times He’s loud. But we know without a doubt that He is here with them even when they cannot feel it. He always has been and always will be. We pray that He continues to show His love to the family because it is not always easy to believe in His presence and power when you’re in the midst of a time of living Hell.

We ask today that you think of our girl and the family as they continue on this journey. We know Stefanie is going to survive and thrive. She has come so far and we have no doubt she will continue to fight to get back to her normalcy of school, family, friends, and home. 

There is so much you can do to support Stefanie and her family/friends during this time:

-Pray for her physical and emotional healing and well-being

-Pray for her family’s emotional healing and strength

-Buy a bracelet (email me at as seen above for $3 to wear and support Stef, all of the proceeds go directly to her

-Donate to their Go Fund Me account directly.


Through their journey, we’ve all been taught some brutally honest, but necessary life lessons we’d like to share with you: tell your people that you love them every day, appreciate even the things that seem insignificant in your life, make time to spend the limited time we have here on their earth with the people that you love, never forget that every day we are alive is a blessing. And talk to God. Always.

With Love, Kristin & Sarah

***Update November 4, 2018.

Stacey and Stefanie were air transported to Massachusetts from Florida in August. They spent quite a few weeks there at Spalding Hospital Cambridge where Stefanie fought like crazy to get her health better. It worked and she was able to come off of dialysis permanently (finally!!) while there.  She has since been transferred to another rehabilitation center in Massachusetts where she is thriving and improving every day. She is determined to walk again someday with the use of prosthetics, and despite what doctors say, we know she will find a way no matter the obstacles ahead of her.

We got to visit Stef and family while they were in Cambridge and can say for certain that they are stronger than most of us will ever have to be.  Other friends and family have been visiting as well, and I believe that is probably more healing than any medicine/therapy out there. 🙂 She also gave a beautiful interview that showed everyone just how far she’s come.

Keep praying guys, it’s working!