“But He knows the way I take, and when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” -Job 23:10


Photo by SJ Photography

I had the opportunity a few years ago to be in this amazing young-ish adult group for single people from ages 25-35. We had a discussion as a group and then broke off into smaller groups of three. I was very young and had snuck into the group at the age of 24. My group mates were on the older end of our group and, in my opinion, were the most wise out of everyone.

We took turns talking about our real life struggles. You know the ones that are deep and you don’t like to talk about to others. We were supposed to pray for each other and give Godly advice if need be.

We came to my struggles last. I was going through a particularly weird and kind of sad time of life. I was honest with them and said I felt lost and wasn’t really sure what I was doing in life and that trusting God through it was harder than I expected.

And they held my hands and they prayed for me to trust God through this season of life, and said God had a bigger plan for my life than I realized.

I did not really feel better after, but I just kind of accepted it and moved on with the rest of the group.

But I think my group mates felt it, because they came up to me after and the man specifically looked at me and said “sometimes you just are living the life of Job during certain seasons of life.”

I wasn’t really well verses on the book of Job. All I knew is that Job had a bunch of terrible things happen to Him and He loved God through it, but that’s all I really knew about it.

He went on to explain that just as in the story of Job, that I was going through hard times but that God was looking down upon me smiling and bragging to the wicked one that no matter what, I was His child and that I would love Him and stay faithful through it all.

They both reminded me to stay faithful, that I was incredibly loved, and that God would always be there for me if I struggled with understanding this was all happening. Their love and advice meant so much to me.

So I now carry this story with me close to my heart, because it changed the way I can choose to see things that happen.

When things are on the downhill and there is no sight of happiness in my journey, I have two choices. I can lose faith (which real life is what I often chose first because it’s hard out here y’all) and give up or I can remember that God is a proud father watching over me and loving my continued faith despite what I’m facing.

I’m a work in progress over here, but I’m trying to look up more when things happen instead of down, because my Father in Heaven doesn’t lie below me.

Eyes up.


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