“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” -Galatians 2:20

It was about a year ago when I made a decision that would change the way in which I was perceived by others, specifically Christians, forever.

I bought a house and my boyfriend moved in with me.

We made a garden, did projects together, got a dog, argued about what looked best, and made this amazing crazy house a home together. As an unmarried couple.

It was the hardest, easiest thing I ever did. And as a Jesus loving gal, I was slandered for it.

Though people couldn’t see in my walls-they automatically assumed what was going on. Be that their business or not.

So much said to me that I left the church I’d grown to love because it no longer felt like love. Being called out for being a sinner by other sinners is this crazy, weird, mind blowing oxymoron I wish upon no one. For a sin that is out front and center while they are able to hide their own sins in the shadows.

& I’m here today to say that my heart is a little angry still.

Not for myself though anymore, but for others who will one day make decisions that go against what is said in the Bible, and will be told that they are unworthy of the term “Christian”.

People who are too busy worried about others’ sins are quick to judge as they shove their own back into the closet in which they want them to belong.

If you’re a Jesus loving person who knows that Jesus Christ came to this world to physically die a gruesome death in order to save YOUR soul, you are a Christian. That incredible title cannot be taken away.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t live a perfect life on the outside. That you have major demons that you have to fight every day. That you struggle with obedience to God.

YOU ARE LOVED despite it all.

You are forgiven despite it all.

I refuse to accept the notion that God can no longer use or love me because of the choice I have made.

Because I am living out loud in sin, this Christian was no longer able to serve in a traditional church setting. So God took this girl who was outcasted and reminded her of the talents He had bestowed upon her.

Today I still have the great honor of writing this blog which reaches people.

I do my own online women’s Bible study which reaches more people than ever before.

It forced me to go around and see other churches and learn different things about my Savior through them, which lead me to the church I know have the pleasure of calling my new church Home.

God took me from a place where I didn’t realize I was actually stuck and has brought me to this place of freedom, change, and growth.

I’m not saying to throw everything out and run away from God and His will. But if you’re like myself and you find yourself going against the grain and feeling like the world is against you: remind yourself that you are a Child of God.



& That nothing in this world will ever change God’s love and plan for you.


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