Gives and Takes.

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”-Psalm 37:4

I still remember what it felt like to walk into the house of my dreams.

The realtor took me to look at it and not even 2 minutes into the tour I told him I wanted to put an offer in for it right then and there. It was a hot market and homes were going fast. 

It had everything: great floorplan, two car garage, new roof, new air conditioning unit, big fenced in backyard, no one to the right or behind and a pond across the street. Seriously this place was my dream. 

We heard the next day that they took someone else’s offer and just like that my dream house was gone. I remember feeling crushed. Buying a house in this market is rough!

But life went on.

I looked at other homes which did not pan out.

Then I saw…the one. One I’d never have pictured myself in. The smallest (and cheapest) one I’d seen with the most breathtaking backyard. The one sold by Jesus loving people who made the home feel full of Jesus’ love. 

I met the one because I lost what I thought had been “the one”.

My life is richer and more full because of this little brick I now own. It wasn’t my dream house but it’s more than I ever could have asked for, it’s my home.

God does not give us want we want. He gives us exactly what we need.

I drive by that former dream house often and I know longer feel sadness but thankfulness.

Thank you to the God who lovingly gives and takes away.


3 thoughts on “Gives and Takes.

  1. I tell you what, this was written just for me!! I am hoping for a new home soon and this time of searching and hoping and waiting and hoping and searching is so draining. I MUST learn to trust that God is working on my behalf for something that is so very perfect for myself and my family. An answer of No is just the door to an even better Yes!!! I just needed a reminder. So thanks!


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