“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.“-Isaiah 43:2


Photography Credit: Sarah Schrader, SJ Photography

Comeback stories are very popular and are often picked up to be recreated into books or movies. We as a society love to watch these comebacks.

I think it serves as a reminder that no matter how far we stray from the path we always have thought we’d be on we can always find our way back, or even better find a much better path.

I am my own favorite comeback story.

When I tell others my testimony, I think many times they believe I must be exaggerating because the story is ridiculous. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, it is so true.

I do not come from a bad background. I cannot say I had a bad childhood. I honestly had a great one where I lived in a nice house and my dad worked and mother stayed home with my sister and I. My parents attended my school and after school functions and made me know I was loved.

That amazing lifestyle changed though when I was 21. My family was literally ripped apart before my eyes. An affair happened that would change my life forever. At the same time, I was experiencing the toughest break up I have ever gone through. I was also driving long distances to go to my internship experiences and my final college classes and it was wearing me down. I literally had no idea what I was going to do for the time being and for my future. I came very close to quitting school entirely because I felt like I was drowning.

& no one knew.

I remember screaming every day. In the car, into my pillow, driving to the beach at midnight to just scream without anyone knowing.

I used to drive to the worst parts of town at night almost in a sick way hoping something would happen to me (it makes me cry to even think about this now).

I remember just wanting to die to end a deep pain I never knew could exist.

I could not handle accepting what others had done to me that I had no control over.

I did not understand how I could live with the serious mistakes I had made in life.

I hated myself for continuing to make decisions that I knew were destructive.

I had hit rock bottom and it was so deep I could not see any kind of light. Any kind of hope. Any kind of anything.

But Jesus, y’all.

The one I did not believe existed. The one who I thought was a fairy tale.

He saved me.

He came into my heart in an absolute literal way and told me that He loved me. That He has always been there for me. During every good and bad time, especially the tough time I had been through recently. The greatest peace I had ever felt came over me, and I finally saw light from the depths of the rocky bottom I was in.

People say we shouldn’t define ourselves by the past…but my past does define me.

It shows that even the worst of sinners, even the non-believing, angry, lost, hopeless ones, are so incredibly loved and cherished by God.

He gave me the comeback story of a lifetime. I wouldn’t be who I am without those terrible times. I wouldn’t be who I am if He had not chosen to intercede at JUST the right time.

He has strengthened me beyond my wildest dreams. He has made me bulletproof.’

I am the comeback story that proves that no matter how deep we fall, His love for us prevails every single time.

No matter what.


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