“The Christian life is characterized by sacrificial agape love.”-John 13:35


There is so much confusion in this world about who Jesus Christ is.

I feel as if a lot of people think he’s this weird person. This person who lived a long time ago, and if he is real, looks down on us in total shame for all of the things we have done.  This guy who seems so unreal and smites us for not being good people. I think some people believe he either let’s everyone in to Heaven or sends us all to Hell when we die. Well, if he exists.


He’s so real I find it hard to use words that describe his true, utter, amazing realness.

God became flesh in order to save us all from our unfortunate destiny: spiritual eternal death. He literally took part of himself and formed himself into a human man named Jesus. Crazy, right?

You see the thing is, there HAD to be a sacrifice in order to save all of us. To give us a chance to get to go to Heaven and live out eternity with our Maker. Even though He knew people would hate him anyway, He chose to sacrifice himself.

He lived a perfect life until he was in his thirties. He was betrayed, beaten, flogged, tortured, and nailed to a cross to die for US. To die so that we may have a chance to live.

It’s insane. I know. But that’s what love is. Love in it’s truest form. Agape love.

He sacrificed himself so that we could get the chance to go to Heaven and be with him forever. All we have to do is believe in our hearts that He is real and accept Him as our Lord and savior. THAT’S IT. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

I want to make this so clear. YOU ARE LOVED.

It doesn’t matter…

-if you are a jealous person

-if you are envious

-if you commit sexual sin

-if you are the meanest person in the world

-if you are “perfect”

-if you have done what you consider to be the ultimate sin.




Jesus is real. His love is real. & He cannot wait for you to discover this for yourself.


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