I’m Movin’ On.

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”-Proverbs 17:22


I’ve finally moved into my home.

The girl who has felt kind of homeless since college (going back and forth between apartment life and living back at moms) has finally found a place that is her own and it is an amazing feeling.

I have got the best housewarming present ever coming to me in a week and a half…

A sweet 8 week old black Labrador Retriever!

I have been wanting my own dog for a long time, but I never felt like it was the right time until now.

I’ve got a huge backyard, I’ll be getting him in the summer so I will have time to train him and spend time with him, and I feel I’m finally mature enough to raise a puppy the right way!

Though, I can’t help but think of my pup, Beck.

I am even giving my puppy the name “Beck” for a middle name as a nod to my German Shepherd who passed away suddenly last year.

He was the dog I remember the most and felt the most connected with. He was weird and cool and one I could never forget.

I sometimes almost feel a little guilty getting another dog, because I don’t want to replace Beck. I don’t want to be the one to have him be forgotten about because there’s a new pup in the picture.

This whole experience has reminded me of how sometimes God is pushing us to move on from things that are no longer meant for us.

He does not want us to forget the memories created during that time or the individuals included during that time but He does not want us to live in the past.

Using the example above, if I was so focused on the guilt of “replacing” Beck, I could never truly enjoy my new puppy and make amazing memories with him, too.

God is calling us to live. He is calling us to live in the present. To only look to the past for fond memories and for what can help us to learn from bad experiences.

Are you living in the past?

What is holding your joy captive?

Are you ready to set your fears free and accept the joy God is giving us?

I know I sure am.

I will always love my Beck.

But I cannot wait to meet my sweet Maverick Beck, too.


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