Leading the Pack.

“Even there, Your hand will lead me, And Your Right hand will lay hold of me.”-Psalm 139:10


I always convinced myself that I could never be a leader, especially a leader for Christ’s cause.

Where were my credentials? How would I know what to say and do? Why would anyone ever look up to me for advice about this?

When asked to lead a women’s Bible study for the first time I was really nervous.

What if I said something wrong?

What if I did something someone did not like?

What if I offended someone so much they never wanted to come back?

Those “what ifs” held me back from so much.  They made me feel uncomfortable and like I could not ever be a successful leader.


I decided to jump in finally to the role of being a Bible study leader one semester, and it was absolutely life changing.

I am pretty new into this Jesus loving stuff, but He led me to that point to be a vessel for Him. In order to show others about His incredible, total love for all of us.

That He could love ME.

The Glutton. The Coveter. The Envier. The Fornicator. The Prideful one. The Idolater.  The Liar.

God does not called the qualified.  He qualifies the called.

He showed others, through using as a leader, that he does not see me as any of the things named above.

He calls me:

The Beloved. The Beautiful. The Forgiven. The Worthy. The Deeply Loved. The Wanted.  His Child.

What can He use you for if you allow yourself to be a leader for Him? If you served others, or led a Bible study, or openly shared your faith, or just stepped out of your comfort zone for Him?

What could He show the world, through YOU?



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