Tick Tock.

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”-John 13:34


I was the child who lived, breathed, and ate soccer. My parents started me out at a young age and I played competitively all the way up through high school. It was my life entirely.

I wonder if that is why I tend to be so “score oriented” now about the silliest of things even into my twenties.

I think my biggest flaw is that I keep score of the people in my life and what they do to me.

I mentally tick off the things that happen in my head until one day I decide I don’t want those people in my life anymore. You never realize how cruel you can be sometimes until you really think about it, right?

A friend blew off our lunch date. Check.

A coworker sent me a passive aggressive email. Check.

A family member didn’t pay me back. Check.

I check these things off a list in my head and its pretty much three strikes you are out. I pull away and begin to distance myself entirely. Often without asking questions or showing empathy toward them, I’d just cut them off.

I don’t reach out to ask about how the friend is doing enough to realize that she blew me off because she just found out her mom has cancer.

I don’t let my coworker know that I am sorry for his loss because his dog just died because I am too upset with his behavior to talk to him.

I don’t let my family member know that I love them even though they don’t make the best financial decisions and they start to think no one loves them at all.

Why do I do this? Because it’s freaking hard for us as human beings to admit to ourselves that we are not the center of the universe and that people have lives we cannot imagine ever having to go through.

What if going at each of these situations with empathy instead of anger could flip our relationships upside down in the best way possible? Instead of anger and frustration, we come at them with love. Ya know, like Jesus would. 😉

My goal for the month of May is to learn to show Grace instead of anger even when it is the hardest thing to do.

If you could make just ONE goal for yourself this month, what would it be? What could change the way you live and how you treat others?


3 thoughts on “Tick Tock.

  1. Wow! Amazing! My goal for this month, which I just figured out this morning (hahaha) actually goes along with this quite well! It is to see people and situations through God’s eyes!! Perfect post for this goal of mine 🙂
    Thanks so much for this❤❤❤

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