“As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”-Joshua 24:15


On April 21st of this year I became a first time homeowner. This happened exactly 3 years to the date after I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. I happen to know that this was not just a coincidence. 

As a single, 25 year old, woman, teacher I knew the odds were against me. I chose not to tell anyone really during the process because I didn’t want the judgments. I also didn’t want anyone’s advice or opinions (my family members’ were stressful enough). I didn’t want to explain the heartbreak of falling in love with houses that didn’t work. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a good nights sleep since I started looking in February!

When I began the process, I prayed a very risky prayer for me. I asked every day for the houses that were not meant for me (even when I loved them deeply) to slip away from me and for the one that was meant for me to come along and for everything to go through with it. It was difficult to pray because I knew heartbreak was going to be involved, but I also knew that He would provide the right place for me.

God had His fingerprints all over this. 

Seriously, this was not of my doing.

There was no reason in the world why this house came back on the market in the wake of letting go another house that I was convinced would have worked (Praise God it didn’t).

I cannot explain how this was the only house I walked in that I could feel Jesus’s love in.

It’s crazy that one of my best friends knew the owners, had been to this house multiple times and confirmed how love lived here.

It blows my mind how the inspection, appraisal, and everything with the mortgage came back fine and we were able to close within less than 30 days.

Then on top of it all, my closing date was moved up a week to the three year anniversary of me and Jesus becoming one. Like for real?!

I needed a reminder more than ever that God loves me and will always provide. He sent me all the people I needed to make this happen. He sent me an awesome realtor, mortgage broker, and sellers who love Him as I do. He promised me He’d never leave me hanging.

He did as promised. 


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