“You are from God, little children, and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”-1 John 4:4

Spiritual warfare.

It is the realest of deals.

It is terrifying and crazy.  I swear the moment I accepted Jesus, I was totally under attack.  Panic attacks. Pain. Conflicts about things that did not matter.  Serious heartbreak.  Feeling torn away from God. ALL things I had never experienced before and I was pretty freaked out.

The weeks leading up to my baptism were like literal Hell on earth. Everything felt like it was tearing me apart and it was hard to hold on.

Ever been there? You get excited about moving onto this next stage with Jesus and its like all hell breaks loose?

I get it.

& I thought it would end, but truly, it never does.

The ONLY way to fight it off is to totally, completely, wholeheartedly focus on God.  To meditate on His word daily.  To not submit to the lies of the enemy.  To lean on God and others who will lead us down the right path.  To remind the wicked one every single day of WHO he is and WHAT his future is.  

Are you ready for this battle?

Actually…are you ready for Him to FIGHT FOR YOU?

God will fight our battles. If we let Him into our hearts. The spiritual warfare may never end, but neither does His love for us.

If you are feeling downtrodden today and feeling like the wicked one is wrecking your life, remind yourself of whom you belong to.  You need but be still, He’s got you.




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