Jesus Loves the Little Children.

“The rich and the poor have a common bond, The LORD is the maker of them all.” Proverbs 22:2


With all the hatred going on in the world, I remembered a story my
grandmother told me about that happened in the early 1970s.  The
background information needed to understand this story is that my
grandparents (whom are white) had three children of their own and then
adopted a five year old little girl from South Korea.  They lived in Vermont
and loved their family deeply.

I hope my remembrance of this story is able to give it justice:

My grandmother and her friend decided to take their children to a zoo
that was in Canada. In those days, you weren’t required to have a
passport and all you really needed was some kind of identification to
go back and forth between the US and Canada freely.

They came to the border and the man looks over their identification
and then he looks in the car. He sees two white women, a few white
children. And one little Asian girl.

He immediately asks my aunt Lisa (who is probably 7 at this time) if
she is an American citizen. She says yes. He asks her if she was born
in this country and she says no, she was born in Korea. He tells her
to get out the car and come with him.

He did not question any other person in that car. Just the one who “looked different.”
My grandmother starts to freak out and tells him that her daughter,
Lisa, was adopted and that she had forgotten to bring her papers. The
man starts to badger them with questions and begins to accuse my
grandmother of bringing this child to this country illegally. It got
pretty ugly and she said it was downright terrifying. She was afraid
they would detain her and not let her go home. Then luckily, my
grandmother was able to get in contact with someone who she and the
border control person had in common who could attest to the fact that her
daughter was brought to this country and adopted legally. And that she
certainly was an American citizen.

Long story short, they were then able to go through the border into
Canada, go to the zoo, and come back again. But my grandmother has
never forgotten that day and how it made her feel.

I asked her why she didn’t think to bring the papers and she said she
truly had forgotten because she didn’t not see my aunt as any
different from her other children. They were ALL her children, even
though one hadn’t been carried in her physical womb.

She said it killed her to think that people believed just because her
child did not look like her, meant that she was not her mother.  She
said it broke her heart knowing that people thought terrible things
about HER child just because she was not the same race as her

& I wonder if God feels the same way about us as my grandmother did that day.

People will say that because a person is a sinner and has made a
lot of mistakes, it must mean they are not a child of God.

People will insinuate that because a person struggles with addiction
that they are unable to reach God’s Grace.

People will accuse others of never being able to be loved by Christ,
because they do not live up to society’s standard of what a Christian

But the thing is, that God does not see us the way that others do.

He fights for us, because He knows that we are His children.

He loves us no matter what we “look” like.


No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look
like…know today, right now that you are one thing over anything
else: a child of God.

& you do not need a passport or papers to get into Heaven.  Only a
true belief in your heart that Jesus Christ died on a cross 2,000
years ago for you. So that you could receive the honor of being called

What a beautiful thing it is to be loved so deeply by a parent who
will never give up on us.


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