The Wolves.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”-Matthew 7:15




If you are a church going person or ever have been, you have heard in sermons about how we need to be close with people who are on fire for the Lord. That we need to surround ourselves with those who will lift us up, be real with us, and show us God’s love.




We have to be careful. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing who try to infiltrate our lives, and will act like this, but their intentions are not good. You often find out months or even years later who they really are.


We are all imperfect and will struggle to be good, Jesus loving friends sometimes (I know I sure do).  Though, if our intentions and efforts show that we are trying that is really all that matters.


I am talking about people who flat out are NOT the kind of people who have good intentions.


I have met so many people from all different parts of my life, who swore to be totally for the Lord. Recognized as a great lovers of Christ, I believed these were good people to be around. Although unfortunately, I found out later with all of these individuals that it was all an act. You cannot keep up the act forever. The nastiness came out. The judgment came out. They start to question you for your beliefs.  They are just not at all the person they once portrayed themselves as.  The intentions had never been good, they had been for selfish gain.


I was fooled. I gave in too quickly in each situation, and it has left scars on my heart.  I should have been more careful because it rocked me in the end.


We all should be more careful.


Even more important than that, we have to make sure that we are not becoming the wolves.  It is easy to give in and use God as a way to get things from others.  Like really easy. The Devil wants us doing his dirty work. Let’s not give in y’all.


Let’s love people for real. Let’s lift them up because it’s what we’re called to.  Let’s show God’s love because we want to.  Let’s be the light in a dark world.


I am tired of being tricked by the wolves, and having to fight becoming one myself. But aren’t we all?


I choose to trust in the Shepherd to guide my heart in the right direction.



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