Fine Perfume.

“A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.”-Ecclesiastes 7:1


I have this old glass perfume bottle in my room that is in the shape of a horse.  The top part of it, the head of the horse, broke years ago. The bottom part of the horse is filled with this old perfume that I have never worn, and will never wear. I can never get rid of this though. Why, you ask?

It smells like my Great Aunt Golda. She passed away in 2005 and I have missed her deeply ever since.


When we lived in New York, I spent quality time with her (I was very, very young), and my few memories come from my times with her. She used to come over and see me. She would babysit me. She would spoil me.

We went up to visit her right before she died and I remember having the best time with her. She could not speak well because of complications due to smoking, but she always got her point across somehow.

I have no idea how I got a perfume bottle with her scent in it, but I cherish it because it is a small piece of her.


I believe that it is okay to grief and remember our loved ones even when it has been a while since they passed. What a beautiful ode to their memory it is to even just SMELL something and be reminded of the memories you had with them.

I know God does not want us to be sad, but of course he wants us to remember those people! We just have to choose to let the memories bring us great joy instead of great sorrow. Isn’t it so amazing that God gave us such special people in our lives that meant so much to us that we can never erase them from our memories & hearts?

If you are grieving the loss of someone today, I pray that you find comfort in the little things. I hope you smell their scent on something, or see their name somewhere, or feel their loving presence around you.

& that the memories flood you with happiness, and that you can smile. ❤

With much love,


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