“Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.”-Psalm 37:8


I do not think I have ever been invited to as many fights as I have this year. Fights meaning verbal assaults and nastiness toward another person.

The Devil has been knocking on my door and telling me to come play.


I have chosen not to attend every fight I have been invited to. & that has probably been the hardest part.

I wish I could lie and tell you I have had the amazing year that social media makes me look like, but it’s been freaking hard y’all.

Work is hard. Family life is hard. New changes. Broken relationships. Broken friendships. Frustrations. Struggles with my faith.

It’s been tough.

I want to fight. I want to curse and scream and tell you to that I think you are a piece of crap who does not deserve anything good in life. & so much more. I want to gossip. I want to lose it.

But I was never meant to be that person.

I am meant to be the bigger person. I am meant to bring the peace. I am meant to pray for someone instead of tear them down. & it is so damn hard.

You ever feel like that? You know you are called to love the sinner not the sin but you just don’t want to?

Lord, help this natural fighter of a heart who has been having to fight the urge to fight back all of her life.


A Very Exhausted, Tired of Fighting,


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