The Challenge.


The first Beth Moore Bible study I went to was on the Book of Proverbs. It was an incredibly powerful study and I left every night feeling totally different than I did walking in.  Her words really shook me to my core and it was awesome because they were linked with Scripture (if you have not done a study by her yet, DO IT, amazing stuff).

In the end of each session she would usually give us some kind of homework or a challenge to do.  One week, she gave a challenge that really rocked my world.  She asked us to pick five things that people had said to us that really hurt us and could be refuted by Scripture. So I went home that night and did it, and it brought back a flood of painful memories & HEALING.

My other four points I wrote were pretty important to, but the first one I did had the most effect on me.

When I was younger, I dated a young man for a long time. It was a up and down relationship and became emotionally abusive over time. He once said something to me that I was never able to forget. We went to the beach and I had my bathing suit on. I was laying down on a towel and he came up to me and whispered that I should cover up with my towel. Very taken aback and afraid maybe something was hanging out that should not have, I asked him why. His response was cruel and cold. He said “well, you just do not look very beautiful today.”

At 19, from a guy who claims to love you, this hurts like hell. We ended up breaking up later on that year and have been broken up for a very long time but I can still remember what it felt like to have him say that to me.

So I wrote that comment down. & I looked up in Scripture something to refute that comment. It did not take long.

“You are altogether beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you.” Song of Soloman 4:7.

Where human words fail, God’s Word brings life and healing. I read it over and over again for about 5 minutes and let it sink in. It did not matter what that boy said to me. It matters what God says to and about me.

Who has said something to you that has hung on your heart forever?

Steal Beth’s idea and find something in the Bible that refutes it.

& feel the healing that God so beautifully gives.


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