Press On.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Jesus Christ.”-Philippians 3:14


I feel like we often place limitations on ourselves based on our fears and what others think of us.

We do not believe we have the strength, wisdom, or talent to do what we want or know in our hearts that we should be doing.  I find that I have a harder time NOT doubting myself than just doubting.

In 2010, I was determined to go to the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  Like seriously, determined.  So I went there with my mom and we met with an advisor about transferring over by the fall of 2011.  The woman told me that there was really no chance that I would get into UCF.  She suggested that I try to get into Valencia Community College down the road, and then showed me the door.

Honestly, I was devastated. I cried the entire way home in the car and felt like crap for a few days.  I felt like I was watching my dream be squashed and it really hurt.

So I waited and thought about it.  I decided that I did not care what she said, I would work hard in my last two semesters at my local community college and get amazing grades so that I could graduate with my AA and apply to UCF.

So, I did. I studied constantly and worked my butt off. Then I held my breath and sent my application out to UCF. Then I got the letter back..



The feeling of elation was incredible and I soon set off to Orlando for two years to earn my bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Of which I earned straight A’s the entire time.


After graduating in 2014, I went straight to work at a school full time and during my first year I began a graduate degree program in education.  I was once again told that it would never go anywhere, and that I probably would not finish.

I graduated in June of 2016 with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Yesterday, I received a letter from a local college stating they had hired me as an adjunct professor (one of my other dreams come true).


I do not write this post to brag about myself and my accomplishments, but to remind you that we can never, ever, ever give up on our dreams. Where would I be if I had allowed that woman to affect me so deeply that I chose to give up?

I know God wants us to be fighters when it comes to this stuff. He wants us to push beyond our comfort zones and go into places that shake us up and stretch us.  

What is he calling you to fight for today? & Will you answer the call????



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