Love & Joy.

“And above ALL things, have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.”-1 Peter 4:8

What is true happiness? What makes each one of our hearts scream out in delight?

My happiness has been found in the most random & weirdest of places:
In the classroom when I child tells me that her face that had a huge scratch on it had somehow disappeared and she said it was because she prayed Jesus would heal her.
At a Tropical Smoothie Café table when my best friend hints that she is pregnant.
On top of a mountain looking out at the creation God has made.
On my porch listening to the birds chirp and sing.
Driving around at night with the windows down and music up.
Talking to my grandmother on the phone about the night my grandfather proposed to her (even though she’s told the story 100 times).

I feel like people think that BIG events have to happen in your life in order to feel happy, but I just don’t believe that anymore. I think happiness is found in life’s little moments. The little moments that we tend to overlook or take no interest in.

We often choose to talk about our troubles than our joys in our lives as well. Why does it feel so much better to vent to friends about our issues than the things which make us happy? I find myself falling prey to this mindset of thinking quite often. What if he made a definitive CHOICE to talk more about the joy in life than the trouble?!

This is my challenge for you: when talking to someone, try to bring up the happy things in your life (even if it is something extremely small and seemingly insignificant) instead of the painful/worrisome/awful things. You never know how much joy sharing a little, good, positive sprinkle of happiness can bring to someone’s life that day. Show God’s love for others by giving them the most joy you can!


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